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IncreMental Health Tips was co-founded by Jared and Liz Millican during their time in graduate school. It was during this period that they astutely identified a significant intersection between individual well-being and organizational effectiveness.

This insight led them to the profound realization that meaningful and positive transformation can be achieved through the power of incremental steps. Some of life's most daunting challenges can be overcome by deconstructing them into smaller, more manageable objectives.

IncreMental Health Tips is your go-to resource for making big changes through small steps.


Jared Millican

Co Founder / Researcher

Jared possesses a diverse educational background in Health & Human Services and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. His expertise extends across various domains, including non-profit administration, organizational change management, process engineering, and consulting on research design and methods.

Liz Millican photo.jpg

Liz Millican

Co Founder / Registered Psychotherapist (RP)

Liz Millican, a seasoned Registered Psychotherapist, boasts a wealth of experience working with a broad spectrum of clients, including children, adults, and couples. Holding a Masters of Divinity in Clinical Counseling from Tyndale University, Liz brings a unique perspective to her therapy practice by emphasizing the integration of a client's faith and cultural background into their therapeutic journey.

Recognizing the pivotal role that a client's beliefs and values play in their healing process, Liz is dedicated to providing an authentic and client-centric approach to therapy.
One of Liz's strengths lies in helping clients transform daunting objectives into manageable, actionable steps. Whether the challenges are significant or modest, Liz excels at guiding clients toward practical solutions that enable them to surmount obstacles and clarify their goals.
Liz's therapeutic toolbox is rich and diverse, drawing from various evidence-based approaches. She employs techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for addressing thought patterns, Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) for emotional exploration, Narrative therapy for reshaping life narratives, and Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) for goal-oriented strategies.
Furthermore, Liz is deeply committed to helping clients navigate interpersonal conflicts effectively. She holds specialized training in facilitating amicable divorces for high-conflict couples and has a track record of assisting individuals in handling a range of challenging interpersonal situations. Liz tailors her support to meet both short-term and long-term needs, ensuring that clients receive the most appropriate and effective care.
If you seek a compassionate and skilled psychotherapist who can help you integrate your values and faith into your healing journey, as well as provide practical solutions for your challenges, turn to Liz Millican. With her diverse expertise, she is dedicated to helping you achieve your therapeutic goals.

About : Team Members

Service Types



Online or by phone

Therapy Style





OCD/Body Dysmorphia


Conflict Resolution

Certificates and Training

Couples and Marriage Focus

Sex Therapy Seminar                                                                  3 Hours

Gary Chapman Relationship Seminar                                      5 Hours    

Screening for Domestic Violence and Power Imbalances     3 days

Prepare-Enrich Couples Assessment Facilitator

Life Transitions

Collaborative Team Practice (CTP) Training Course 5 days (40 hours)


Focusing Level 1 Seminar                             14 Hours


Associate member with Association of Sex Therapy in Ontario (ASTO)

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