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E-Counseling Services

E-Counseling services are asynchronous services, where individuals can get counseling support without a scheduled appointment. A secure platform is used for client and therapist to exchange text messages.

Benefits: Flexible, allows for reflection before responding, client can respond any time, easier to share resources and information when skill development is needed.


Includes 4 clinical responses. Recommended frequency is once a week. E-Counseling package expires 4 months after purchase. E-Counseling is asynchronous and does not involve a specific scheduled time slot. Click here to register.

Common concerns include managing a mental health condition, interpersonal relationships, or development of specific skills like communication, assertiveness, emotional regulation. If you are not sure whether e-counseling would be a good fit for you please schedule a free consultation using the link at the bottom of the page.

Image by Nsey Benajah

This is a 5 week program which includes, educational videos, assessments, and text based content to help support clients in managing anger. Understanding our anger can help us use it to productively resolve a problem instead of letting it bottle up or lead to destructive actions.

Service includes 5 weeks of e-counseling support with a therapist.

Topics Covered:

Understanding anger and it's triggers

Calming anger in the body

Understanding and Challenging Angry Thoughts

Effective Communication

Bringing it all together to use anger productively

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Judo Fight

Conflict Resolution

Coming Summer 2023.

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