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Family and Children's Counseling

A free consultation is recommended for children and family counseling inquiries.

Family Counseling

Family counseling can provide great support to families who desire to open up communication and resolve conflicts. Since every family is different this service is customized for the specific needs of each family to meet their unique needs.


Children's Counseling

Children have mental health needs in the same way adults have mental health needs. However, children can have a harder time knowing how to describe what they're feeling and thinking.

Children may struggle with issues like repetitive behaviours, intrusive thoughts, and emotional regulation.


Parent Coaching

In some cases parent coaching may provide a better benefit than children's counseling alone. Especially for young children parents may benefit more from learning new skills to manage their child's behaviour than what their child can get from therapy.

Parent coaching is designed to support parents as they seek to raise their kids to become successful adults.

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