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What are Life Transitions?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Life transitions can be positive such as getting married, getting a promotion, or having children, but even if these events are viewed positively they can still bring stress as someone adjusts to the transition. Change is difficult even when it is good.

We can experience small transitions or larger ones. The bigger the transition the more strain it can cause. A sudden illness or death in the family can completely change the way the family functions. Feeling exhausted and depleted during these transitions is quite common.

A separation or divorce is often accompanied by a turbulent period as family rules and roles transition between one home to two. The first two years of this transition can often be the most straining. Seeking support during this time can help with managing the strain of the transition.

Retirement is a transition that many people struggle with. While working there is structure to the day and many people feel a strong sense of purpose and meaning from their work life. Learning how to find meaning and purpose without employment can be challenging. Staying engaged in life and finding new meaning can help with a transition to retirement.

This list doesn't cover all life transitions, but our expectations about a transition we are going through will impact our ability to transition successfully. If we expect a transition to be easy then we may struggle with it being significantly harder then we thought it would be. If we expect a transition to be difficult then we may be more prepared to adjust to the transition, making it easier to transition.

Feel free to contact us if there is a transition you are struggling with.


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