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Why do High Conflict Couples need a Family Professional?

Resolving differences can be difficult and can lead to conflict. Conflict can lead to a build up of anger, resentment, and even divorce. However, divorce doesn't end parenting disagreements, anger, or resentment. Anger and resentment can stay with people even long after a divorce, and can stall a divorce from being finalized.

I can work with couples (or individuals) to reduce anger and resentment and get them to find common ground. It's common for parents to disagree about what's best for their children, but at the core of that disagreement is the desire to pursue what's best. Acknowledging those good intentions can reduce anger and increase the focus on common ground.

An inability to manage intense emotions can be it's own source of conflict. I work with clients to help them understand the source of emotional intensity and how to reduce that intensity. You can get started on this by check out our playlist on managing emotions. One of the videos from that playlist is included below.

Recognize distorted thinking. The way we think impacts our emotions and behaviours. Cognitive distortions often go unrecognized and can intensify emotions to the point where they are unmanageable. On our playlist on manage negative thoughts we cover topics like identifying emotional triggers, absolute thinking, and demands and irrational thinking.

Teaching effective strategies for resolution. If the approach you've been using to resolve conflicts isn't working then trying a different approach may get you the result you're looking for without all the conflict. For more you can check out my blog post on Turning Conflicts into Conversations and our playlist on conflict resolution.

Most importantly, as a family professional, I'm able to look at all these different parts at once and see a pathway forward.

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